Karen McCann

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Photo Organizing, Scanning and restoration

Certified Personal Photo Organizer

Many people are overwhelmed with a large collection of photos and albums. I will assist you in digitizing the albums and consolidating the thousands of photos to save enormous amounts of space. You can stop at that point knowing your memories are safely scanned for long term storage or you may want to get more creative. 

I will gladly design and print photo books from your scanned photos such as:

  • Yearly and special occasion albums
  • Memory impaired patient books
  • Turn handmade scrapbooks into digital photo books

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Karen is a Certified member of the Association of Personal Photo Organizers (APPO) and has been working with her clients and their photos professionally since 2011. She  holds a degree in Graphic Design and has years of amateur photography experience giving her the technical skills to scan and preserve family photo collections. More importantly, she has a passion for helping people tell their photo stories by listening and guiding her clients to the desired outcome, based on their budget and time considerations.

Why not dig your old scrapbooks and boxes of photos out of the closets and have them digitized so you can enjoy them once again?